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Employers now Asking for Passwords: How to Respond

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Today more employers are asking for your password to look into your social media personality. Many interviewers ask for access right there during the interview and look through it with you while others ask for it to look through at a later date. So here are some things to keep in mind before you are asked the question, “Can we have your Facebook password?”

1. Be respectful

Although I don’t think you should give your password out to anyone, ever, you need to make sure you are responding respectfully. Don’t just flat out say no, there are a few other ways to respond. It is okay to tell them you don’t feel comfortable giving them your password but that you are willing to look through your profile with them right then and there.

Another option is to direct them to one of your public social media sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn. These sites should be fully developed enough to give insight in to your personality.

2. Be proactive

Make sure there is nothing on your profiles that would give an employer a reason to not hire you. Make sure to un-tag or remove pictures that could be seen as inappropriate. Also, put privacy restrictions in place and limit who can view your profile.

Most importantly, realize that once you put something online it is there forever, whether you delete it or not. So, my go-to rule…never post anything you would be embarrassed for your parents to read or see.


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